What's the most English car make? Rolls Royce? Jaguar? Morgan? All good contenders, but the car that many people often quote as being the ultimate English car is the Rover P5B. Available as Saloon or Coupe, it managed to combine beauty, strength and speed into a very desirable package.

So we're happy to share out latest Blog, The Rover P5B Coupe Diary. My latest purchase (maybe my latest mistake...time will tell), I've loved the P5B Coupe ever since I was a kid in the 1970's and I saw Roger Moore in The Man Who Haunted Himself. Admittedly that was a Saloon not a Coupe, but to me it was much more desirable than the Lamborghini Islero 400 S that his alter-ego drove. Strange!

Anyway, if you have any interest at all I'll be blogging about my experiences with the car from now on, and you can follow the fun at www.roverp5bcoupe.com.


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