Soho is changing rapidly. It used to be an area of central London that was renowned for it’s strip clubs, sex shops and ‘exotic’ nightclubs, which were either seedy and deplorable or fascinating and exciting, depending on your outlook. Either way, it was at least unique.

Soho is now being gentrified, like so many areas of London. I have no issue with modernising and updating, but that isn’t whats happening to Soho - it’s becoming just another commercial shopping area of London, with the small retailers and other premises being driven out of the area (or out of business altogether) by rent increases and other means.

In their place are coming the coffee chains, the clothing chains, the pseudo-hip shops that you get on most high-streets these days. Carnaby Street is an example - gone are most of the independant retailers to be replaced by Puma and other horrors.

Some people are trying to take a stand - Save Soho has achieved some success and is supported by many well known celebrities.

This Guardian article sums up the history and current situation well:

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