The Chap Saville Row Protest

Whilst there's an element of satire attached to anything The Chap is involved with, the notion of Abercombie & Fitch opening a children's shop on Saville Row is so obviously wrong to me that I'm amazed it's being considered at all seriously.

Saville Row is expensive, exclusive and out-of-reach of most people. People say it's an anachronism and should be done-away with. It's also unique, precious and defines a large part of a formal English style, both current and historical. We will all be poorer if it becomes just another High Street.

Savile Row has an incredible history and tradition of tailoring and men’s style spanning almost 200 years. Savile Row is renowned the world over as the byword for the best British tailoring, to the extent that even the Japanese word for suit is ‘Saburo’, a derivation of the street’s name.

Abercrombie & Fitch can open a shop on any of Britain's high streets, but please, not on Saville Row.

Sorry chaps, Abercrombie & Fitch simply doesn't fit Savile Row

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