Whilst this blog concentrates on England and English style, the referendum Scotland is holding in 4 days time on whether to leave the UK and become a completely separate country will have deep repercussions for England and the rest of the UK, whether Scotland votes Yes or No. The repercussions will not so much be financial or economic, but they will be to how we're all governed. That may actually be a good thing - a more federal UK, with greater powers devolved to Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland may move power back closer to the citizens.

However, we believe Scotland should vote No, and stay a part of the most successful and long-lasting social, political and economic union in the world. We say this not for sentimental reasons, although that's as valid an argument as any (why not? don't old friendships matter?), but for the fact that as economic and political power shifts inevitably from the established West across to Eastern and Middle-Eastern countries (quite rightly of course - it's an inevitable and just movement), it makes absolute sense for friendly countries to work together, not split apart into fragments.

It will be an interesting and truly historic week in the UK and England.



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