If you grew-up in the UK during the 70's onwards, chances are you had a Pot Noodle at some time, so in some ways they have become a classic. Just add hot water and you have hot, noodley snack that most children will eat. In recent years Golden Wonder, the manufacturer, have given-up any pretence in their Marketing of Pot Noodle being a nuitritionally acceptable snack, in favour of portraying them as a guilty pleasure for anyone. Healthiness aside, I always thought they tasted OK.

It's interesting that in Japan, instant Noodles (Cup Noodles) are pretty widely accepted, despite Japan generally having very high standards of cuisine. I think it's a relatively small step from cooking dried Noodles in a saucepan to adding hot water to a Cup Noodle, so they aren't seen as unacceptably inferior in Asia.

Interesting to see that Golden Wonder will re-start UK production this year, in what the Guardian call 're-shoring' (terrible word, and anyway, shouldn't that be on-shoring as opposed to off-shoring?).

Nation's Noodle lives up to its name as production moves to UK | Guardian.co.uk


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