Celebrating the London Underground at 150. Paris has le metro, New York has the subway, and London has the tube. As a regular user, I love most things about the tube: the architecture and design (from the stations, the iconic map through to the consistent use of the iconic P22 Johnston font and the general aesthetics of the network), the history, the names of tracks and stations, the noise and smells.

It would be cruel to say that a lot of the underground is still 150 years old, as there has been a great deal of investment in the network over the last 15 years and it's much better than it was in the1970's and 1980's, but it's certainly true there's a lot still left to modernise. I remember about 10 years ago there were trains still running that were manufactured in the early 1960's - those have gone, stations have been modernised and track improved (but I think the track is still pretty poor in many places).

If you come to London and you have a spare 15 minutes, it's worth stopping at Canary Wharf station to see the newer parts of the network. Canary Wharf is a beautiful station, and is so far removed from some of the original architecture it's hard to believe they're part of the same network. A very visual reminder of these 150 years.



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