London Taxi

London Taxi. We can't help feeling a touch of sadness that the end may be in sight for the iconic London cabbie and London Taxi. Uber and it's ilk, Smartphone mapping, de-regulation and the sale of the actual London Taxi manufacturer to the Zhejiang Geely Holding Group company in China might all be the beginning of the end of London's Black Cab's. There's no other city in the world where the taxi has become such an icon, where taxi's are generally acknowledged as safe, clean, stylish and their drivers are knowledgeable, honest and often very talkative.

New York has its yellow cabs, but too often you're hemmed-in the back of a filthy, worn out old taxi in New York, sitting behind an ugly security screen about 6 inches from the passenger protecting them from a surly driver who refuses to help in any way with luggage? There's no comparison. Tokyo's taxis are charmingly quaint with their lace seat covers, uniformed drivers wearing white gloves and mechanical automatic doors, but the passenger often seems to know more about navigation than the driver. Germany has the ubiquitous beige Mercedes, which lack any notable features. Beige in colour, beige in character.

Heres a great article about Black Cabs:


London Taxi

London Taxi

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