Intercity 125 Train

Intercity 125 Train. We aren't afraid to show our nerdy side, and the InterCity 125 is a classic design. Also known as the HST (High Speed Train) and launched in the 1970's, it still forms the backbone of many fast rail services in the UK in 2015, and the design was incredibly successful, and in our opinion, quite beautiful.

The design was almost a stop-gap, as plans were laid in the 1960's and 1970's for fully-electric tilting trains called the APT (Advanced Passenger Train), but problems and lack of funding meant the APT was never fully launched.

The design still looks modern today, 40 years after launch, and the beauty comes not from overly-stylistic touches like many modern trains, but from a cohesive beauty that is derived more from function than style. The styling is also classically 'English' in our opinion - soft and aerodynamic but with a formal structure that avoids the organic and weak appearance of many modern trains that are too 'styled', the HST has a solid beauty. In our opinion it is timeless and mirrors such classic english styles as the Austin Mini, the Dualit toaster or the public phonebox.

The BBC have created an interesting 'interactive video' here, with some great video footage from the 1970's:


Intercity 125 Train

Intercity 125 Train

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