Another small piece of history heading to the graveyard it seems. On the odd occasion I've used a Little Chef recently I've always been surprised a) how quiet the restaurants are and b) how surprisingly edible and freshly cooked the food is. Seems more of an image and visibility issue - how to compete with Costa, MacDonalds, KFC and M&S who seem to be taking-over every roadside service station:

Farewell, Fat Charlie: you are no longer a man for our times

I've also only just noticed the font they used on their 2008 logo re-design: it looks a lot like likeĀ Johnston, which we use for our logo well, and is most famous for being the font used on the London Underground. Well done Little Chef for having chosen a font that was true to your mid-twentieth-century heritage. Shame it only lasted 3 years! No idea what the scrawl is meant t signify in the latest logo - it looks more like the logo for a local nursery.

Little Chef logos: Up to 2008; 2008 - 2011; 2011 onwards.

Little Chef logos: Up to 2008; 2008 - 2011; 2011 onwards.


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