Disneyland Dismaland. The well known artist, political activist, film director, and painter Banksy has created a wonderfully bleak ‘Bemusement Park’ in the English seaside town of Weston-Super-Mare, and named it Dismaland.

The ‘attraction’ is a satirical take on the typical sugary-sweet Disneyland theme parks, combining the very worst attractions and rides with some apalling customer service - a welcome slice of reality.

Here’s the promotional video, to give you a taste of the delights awaiting you:


Dismaland is a fitting compliment to a typical British rainy Summers day out, and in particularly it’s location in Weston-Super-Mare. I have fond (!) memories of visiting there as a child, only to find the sea goes out so far that at low tide it’s an incredibly long-walk to do a bit of paddling - too much for a bemused 5 year old.

Dismaland hosts a ubiquitous dream castle, although it has definitely seen better days, plus around 60 works of art. Tickets cost only £3.00 ($4.50) but are in short supply as the ‘attraction’ only runs for 6 weeks. Apparently some touts are trying to sell them for £600 on eBay, but checks are now being made on ID cards to avoid this, so I’d recommend only buying through official sources.

Here’s the Dismaland website.

Here’s more information and photos on the BBC website.

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