Made In England is something you don't often see on products today, yet manufacturing is a critical part of any countries economy.

Here's a list of companies who still manufacturer mainly in England. The best way to show your support is to buy something from one of them. If we've missed someone (highly likely) please let us know.






Name:Web:Comments:Made in England?British Owned?
Fred Perrywww.fredperry.comCompany with one of the strongest influences on modern English and British fashion and culture. Generally achieve a good balance between heritage and modernism in their clothes styling.Some: they still make a small number of items in England.No. Owned by the Japanese company Hit Union Co. Ltd.
Ben Shermanwww.bensherman.comNo.
Peckham Ryewww.peckhamrye.comTies, scarves, bow ties, handkerchiefs and socks by Peckham Rye - the 6th generation of the Victorian London tailoring family since 1799.Yes. Some of the cloth they use is even woven in England.Yes.





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