Oh dear.

Belstaff is a classic English brand, having been founded in Longton, Staffordshire in 1924 (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Belstaff). But this 're-launch' under Labelux ownership (http://www.labeluxgroup.com) is so far removed from Belstaff's history as to be meaningless: it smacks of phoney heritage. This is underscored by their website (http://www.belstaffgroup.co.uk) which is riddled with phrases like "archival knurled buckle", "heritage stitching" and "placket brandishes pressed-stud snaps". Ugh.

To quote Wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Belstaff) "In 2012 the company will open two stores in New Bond Street, London and Madison Avenue, New York. The interiors are being imagined by Bill Sofield.". I'm imagining that this won't end happily for Belstaff.

This is a great pity as Belstaff is a brand that has real meaning to anyone involved with motorcycling over the last 80 years. Yes, expand the range of items you sell, but do it slowly and organically so the brand can adapt.

Prediction: 2012 - new stores open in London and New York. (they will be bigger than Louis Vuitton stores). 2013/14 - expansion into Asia. 2014/15 - retreat from asia, London and New York.

British label Belstaff makes debut at New York fashion week | Fashion | The Guardian.

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