Had a look at Banana Republic's ( www.bananarepublic.co.uk ) 'Mad Men' range of clothes today, inspired by the TV show Mad Men ( www.amctv.com/shows/mad-men ). I liked a few of the items, although the women's range seemed both bigger and more obviously 1950's and 1960's-inspired than the men's range. See more on the range here:


The marketing for the Mad Men clothing range has sparked some ire on some Mod blogs ( http://mod-male.blogspot.co.uk/2013/03/mod-gone-wrong-mad-men-you-decide.html ), as the clothes aren't obviously Mod, but are standard 1960's-style clothes. Basically what a 1960's Mods parents would have been wearing, rather than a 1960's Mod. I think they've just used the Mod moniker as it fits with 'Mad' and 'Man' and is a kind of shorthand for 'retro'.

This makes me despair slightly that some Mod's are stuck in the 1960's - to me, being a Mod certainly isn't about any one style, but rather it means taking a sharp interest with an attention to detail in your personal style and the things around you that reflect that style. So, a sharp, well-fitted, 1960's-inspired suit in 2013 can be very Mod. Anyway, each to their own I guess.

Not having been in Banana Republic before, I was pleasantly surprised by the store itself and the other clothes they sell - they've definitely positioned themselves towards the top of the high-street brands, with a spacious, uncluttered store and neat clothes displays of (slightly conservative but) stylish clothes. Will remember to visit again next time.

Banana Republic Mad Men

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