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So we're back online after a few days offline. It was easier to take things down whilst we tinkered rather than have a messy, buggy site, and it was quicker to do this on a live site rather than a test setup. Thanks for waiting.

We've re-ordered things a bit, re-written the site using responsive code (the site will adjust to your browsers width automatically, from phone screens to hi-res monitors), introduced a new area (the shop) and generally tried to make things better. What hasn't changed is that Classic English Style attempts to curate, analyse and inform about the things that define a recognisable English style, from tweeds and Fox hunting to PVC and punks.

The site is now organised into three main areas:

  • Through our Magazine we look at the history, current state and future trends of all things that are recognisably English and English style.
  • Through our Shop we offer for sale a small number of niche items that we think might be of interest to a wider audience, some new, some pre-owned.
  • Through our Directory we list companies, events and 'things' that can honestly claim to be Made in England and help define English style, as a small way of supporting the future of an authentic English style.

We've also created a new logo in addition to our text-based version. The new Roundel is inspired by the logo's of some classic English companies such as English Electric. We'll use it more over time to represent the site, either in Old Gold or Oxblood on light backgrounds or Old White on dark backgrounds.

Roundel Old Gold transparent background     Roundel English Oxbool Dark transparent background     Roundel Old White English Oxblood Dark background

Many of the things we feature are still 'Made in England'. England and the United Kingdom has lost much of it's manufacturing over the last 100 years, such that many things that define English style are now made elsewhere in the world. This is a great loss in many ways, not least because a country that has lost the capacity to make things has also lost an important grounding in the real world. We will celebrate where things are still Made in England.

This is still a work in progress. We'll continue to publish and update the Magazine whilst we grow-out the Shop to feature some interesting items that reflect the Magazine content and fill-out the Directory.

Anyway, we're back and at least in as good a shape as we were before, but now with things aligned so we can make some real progress.

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